I live in a little slice of heaven (read: neighbourhood) called Cabbagetown in Toronto with my husband, Mark and our one year old son, Finn. I love to cook. I think of it as my hobby. It relaxes me and keeps me endlessly entertained.

It started in high school I suppose. I am the eldest of six kids. If my mom was away she would leave detailed instructions and all the necessary ingredients for dinner. My mom is an awesome cook. It didn’t always go so smoothly. I specifically remember an incident at the dinner table where my dad cut into his chicken and yelled “EVERYONE STOP EATING!!!!”. The long and short is the chicken was basically still clucking on the plate. Mmmmmmm.

At university I got more creative. I craved those real meals that my mom would make when I lived at home. No cereal for dinner for this girl! In the beginning I wasn’t confident enough to create from scratch. I was using a lot of processed and pre-prepared ingredients to cook with. Over time, as I got more confident in my abilities and more familiar with certain ingredients and flavours I started to create more real food. Luckily there was never a shortage of taste-testers. I learned I really loved cooking.

Before we had Finn I was a busy lawyer with very little time to cook, so most of my recipes fit into a busy schedule.

Now, as new parents with  we make cooking real food from scratch a priority. Sitting down to a home made dinner each night keeps our little family happy and healthy! 99% of the recipes you see on here, Finn eats as well! (disclaimer: unfortunately we do not have it all together so Mark and I eat late after he gets home from work, while Finn eats the same meal the next day – for now that’s the easiest way of doing things given our schedules – not ideal, but it is currently working for us)

Over the years I have made more recipes than I can count. Some epic, and some epic failures. I have wanted a central place to store and share these recipes for a long time. I got into reading blogs over a year ago. It started because I was googling a recipe idea and it lead me to a blog, which lead me to another….and well you get the picture. Since then I have gotten many wonderful recipes ideas from these blogs. Not only that, I have really gotten to love the blogs themselves. I only hope that my Kitchen in Cabbagetown can now re-pay the favour.

From my kitchen to yours, Enjoy!


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