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Slowly but surely….

29 Jun

I have been terribly absent from these pages lately. Turns out growing a baby is tiring and I have been spending pretty much all my awake time just trying to do my job and get our house ready for another person (you know we really want to impress the baby when it comes. We can’t have it thinking geeze this place is a dump!).

Based on all of the “it” references you can probably figure out that our little peanut will be a surprise!

I have been experimenting with new recipes on the weekends, but I never blog anything the first time I do it (it’s a quality control thing), soooooo these recipes are on hold until I do them again. All I can say is HOMEMADE STICKY BUNSSSSSSSSSSS – coming at ya. Soon.

So, from my lying down position no where near the kitchen, here are some of the better looking things out there in the blog world.

Thin and chewy chocolate drenched coconut oatmeal squares by Jessica at How Sweet it is.

Rhubarb snacking cake by Smitten Kitchen (I made this and it was wonderful)

Chinese broccoli with garlicy ginger miso by Steamy Kitchen

Layered raw taco salad by Angela at Oh She Glows

S’mores chocolate bark by Big Girls Small Kitchen

Sorry about how most of these are sweets or desserts. I’m pregnant. I can’t help it.

8 weeks to go!


My Tummy….

28 Feb

So lets talk about my three month break……. I’ve been sick, very very sick, like throwing up, can’t look at food, can’t think about food let alone cook, it sick. Not to worry, I’m not actually sick, I’m just growing a BABY!!!!!!!!!!! (and apparently I’m a victim of all-day-every-day morning sickness)

Yup, this wee little thing in my tummy has taken away my ability to enter a kitchen and write about one. I actually had tons of photos of food I made that Mark shot for me before I got sick that I was going to post, but I couldn’t even bring myself to talk/write about food without gagging. So, a blogging hiatus it was.

I’m now back to my old self. I even read a cookbook last weekend, which I think is a promising sign. AND I fully intend on going to the food store this weekend to buy groceries……such a foreign concept to me these days!

Right now I am ringing in around 14 weeks. I was on a strict poutine and bacon only diet for a while there (much to Mark’s disgust!), but I am back to eating all things normal, so I will be back to blogging healthy and delicious recipes on a regular basis.

My apologies about the break, it’s the baby’s fault!

Getting Started…

26 Mar

I am simply going to do the cliche thing here in my first post and quote Julia Childs. “The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” So what-the-hell….here goes nothing….

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