Fall off the Bone Ribs

20 May

You will be singing my praises after this. I promise.

When I started this blog I got an e-mail from a friend making a few requests. My ribs were one of them. They truely do fall right off the bone when you pick them up. So tender. So loving. I’m getting carried away.

My house smells wonderful when I make these beauties.

Fall off the Bone Ribs

Serves 4


2 racks of baby back pork ribs

lots of salt and black pepper

your favourite BBQ sauce.

ummmm, I’ve never had an ingredient list this short. I feel a bit naked. The truth is these are cooked with such perfection they need very little else.

I am publishing a picture of the pan I use for this, b/c it’s kinda important. It has a grill on the top and a pan on the bottom. This allows for steam action.

If you don’t have a pan like the one in my picture, don’t fear! I would just use a roasting pan, such as one you would use for turkey or a roast. It has a rack with space under it. That’s what you need for this to work.

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.

In the bottom of the pan pour in about 1 inch of water. Then place the ribs on the rack over top of the water. Cover them in salt and pepper (be generous) and rub it in. Then cover the entire pan with tin foil. You want to take the tin foil right to the edges, so the ribs are sealed in.

place the ribs in the middle of the oven and let them cook for 3 1/2 hours.

Remove them from the oven, discard the water from the pan. Either turn up the oven to broil, or turn on your BBQ (I usually go with the oven method b/c at this point the ribs are very delicate – remember, fall off the bone ribs – and they can fall apart on the BBQ if you’re not careful).

Paint on your favourite BBQ sauce on both the back and front.

BBQ or put back in the oven. You need to watch them closely in the oven, broil is intense and can burn things very quickly. How long you leave these in depends entirely on your oven, I find the broil feature varies significantly amongst ovens. You want the sauce to caramelize slightly. Flip the ribs once to ensure caramelization on both sides.

Cut into 3 bone each pieces and serve with lots and lots of wet wipes.

This dinner is so comforting. At the cottage we usually BBQ some chicken covered in the same BBQ sauce for a ‘chicken and ribs’ dinner. Delicious!

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